Advertising and Content Management (English version for the German edition)

Advertising and Content Management (English version for the German edition)
Advertising and Content Management

German edition of
We want to present your advertising as something individual, not in an „advertising cemetery“.
It is irrelevant whether you want to sell something private or business: your car, your home, your apartment, whether you are looking for a partner for life, whether you want to present yourself, or search for a new job or sell your products or services.

We want to return the individuality to the classifieds market. This means for the advertisers, of course, that it will be a unique experience.

For artists, i.e. painters, writers and musicians, filmmakers, we show a special heart.
We grant an artist discount of 25%.

The price for an ad is unbeatable anyway.

Everyone can figure out what it costs to advertise with us. The advertising remains in the articles until you let us know that we should remove them.

We made the ads very simple:
Type 1 300 * 250 (pixels) 14,99 Euro
Type 2 728 * 90 (pixels) 24,99 Euro
Custom: per page 98,00 Euro
Additional costs: per photo 4,99 Euro
(45MB maximum limit) per film 9,99 Euro
(45MB maximum limit) per music 14,99 Euros
Set of advertising per order 5,99 Euros
Hyperlink 2,99 Euro
Translation of the text
100 words 6.99 Euros
Articles about your product etc. 99,99 Euro
Social Media Package 19,99 Euro
Design: 49,00 Euro

Advertising-General terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply to the publication of advertisements and / or advertising in digital publication between the kmp, Atlantico II, Ap.31, Costa del Silencio, Arona and the advertiser.

It is agreed that kmp will publish an advertising banner in the desired size on the for the advertiser, against payment by invoice after publication. The size of the advertising banner corresponds to the order and is executed in this way.

The language in the German edition is German.


Unless otherwise agreed, the contract shall be deemed concluded if the advertiser has sent the materials for the banner to The documents must contain the name, address and telephone number of the advertiser.

The files are to be delivered in usual formats. The resolution of the image material to be provided by the advertiser must contain at least 300dpi image size.

The advertiser must notify kmp of possible errors within 3 working days after publication.

The advertiser grants kmp the use, storage, digitization, reproduction and publication during the contract period.

The placement of the advertising banners belongs to the publisher kmp, but this is advantageously assigned to the advertiser. In terms of space it corresponds to the assignment of orders.

There is no contract term, unless the advertiser informs that his publication has been completed.

Payment, billing

Kmp shall send an invoice, which shall be paid by the advertiser after publication of the banners. The legal VAT is included in the price. The prices on the price list are valid.

Kmp links the banner to the homepage of the advertiser (see price list), the advertiser must ensure that the internet address is available.

Force majeur

The side of the kmp is accessible all the time and kmp must not be hold responsible by routine or sudden failures. Kmp assumes no liability for this. The advertiser is not entitled to any right of reduction, only in case of gross negligence of kmp.

Force majeur defines itself.

The advertiser guarantees that the banner does not violate the rights of third parties or contains criminal contents. Kmp reserves the right to refuse publication or to remove the publication subsequently. Kmp informs the advertiser immediately. In particular, no publications with content that is harmful to the youth or right-wing content will be published. This to decide is the right kmp. The advertiser declares himself to conclude the contract, should he violate the rights of third parties, to compensate them financially. In addition, the expenses of kmp.

Final Provisions

Amendments to the contract require the written consent of both parties.
For all disputes, Madrid or London shall be agreed as the court of jurisdiction, with the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

The respective regulations of the countries apply.

If individual parts of the contract are invalid, the other passages remain effective.
London, Johannesburg, June 2017

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