AfricaAbout the African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)

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2016-10-0213 min

Almost extinct is the African elephant, as researchers report these days.

Some of the elephants end up in markets where game meat, so-called bushmeat is sold. The here sold meat is captured by poachers in their raids. It is hunting by day and night, to exterminate the heavily oppressed race, regardless of losses.
The poachers are highly mobile and well organized, like an army.

The traders who use the poachers know no inhibitions. All parts of the elephants are usable, which are presented as a prey of strong men. All the tusks, the bones can be utilized for jewelry work, the coat for handbags and the meat for markets.

In Congo, the bones of the dwarf-elephants are offered as particularly enhancing for sexual potency.
What can be done to prevent this extermination, one wonders about the extinction of the African elephant, if it is happening in the countries where the governments are characterized by a constant dictatorship.
Usually the local authorities have no interest in the preservation of the species, perhaps the pleasure of the flesh or in the share of the astronomical profits with the hunters.
The habitats of the elephants are disturbed by road construction, human settlements and industry and in the end by poaching.
The African elephant has got no lobby. A few are seeing the slow death of the African giant will come.

Since 1961 the WWF works for the survival of the elephants, since 1995 in more than 60 projects for the protection of the African elephant.
It seems:
It’s just a drop in the bucket.

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